How to Integrate Bootsrap Model Box with Jquery Template

In This post I will tell you how to add jquery template in bootsrtap Model box.Normally we are using inline code to add model box functionality but now its old technique, now everything is changing.We are using bootstrap model box and Jquery template plugin.We are not including library file of model box and jquery template , I understand you have to basic knowledge of Jquery template and Bootstrap model box.

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Simple Steps to Integrate Model Box with jQuery Template:

Objective of Example: we are creating detail of attributes based on attribute id.

Step 1: Create bootstrap model box.

Step 1.1 : adding hyperlink for popup model box.

         Click me 

Step 1.2: adding Model box HTMl layout in file.



Step 2: Integrating template in bootstrap model box.

Step 2.1: adding template in model box, So now step 1.1 code would be change as below:

Step 2.2: adding template layout:


Step 2.3:Fill the Json object in template and display in div.


Demo & Example of Bootsrap Model Box with Jquery Template