Simple Example of Editable Table in HTML5

This tutorial i will tell you, how to work with inline editable attribute in HTML5. It’s magic of HTML5. You can provide inline editable option on any HTML element using editable attribute contenteditable="true". Its very easy and simple to use with HTML element.

When You add contenteditable="true" attribute on any div, td or any html element that make editable element and user can change content of editable element.In this post I am creating table list and able to make td content inline editing with help of jQuery,

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Simple Example of Editable Table in HTML5

After that you are able to edit column.

Result :

Demo & Download Code

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One thought on “Simple Example of Editable Table in HTML5

  1. Just editing the cells … isn’t it slightly tasteless :-)?

    As asked in another post, may I ask that here too?

    This will turn interesting with three ingredients :
    – start with an empty grid with just the first (empty) row
    – append rows on demand
    – when the input is finished, treat this grid as a sort of array to make an INSERT into a MySQL table all these rows of records.

    Can you kindly hint how to approach this? Or implement it in the tutorial? Thank you

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