How to Create Dynamic Tree View Menu

In this tutorial I will describe how to create tree view structure menu with help of php, MySQL and css. It’s very common to use in any web project, I have seen a lot of code sample through goggling and I have created treeview menu based on search.
Actually I need to create task list menu tree view based on project task. A single task may be divided number of subtask, So I need to add subtask dynamically as meanwhile time its reflect also on tree view.

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Below steps to produce tree view menu:

Step 1: First we will Create treeview table in MySQL database. this table contains four column, The column id is the task id and name is the task name.

Step 2: I have created below tree createTreeView() method which call recursive if current task id is greater than prev task id.

Step 3: Created index.php file and add below code to show tree view.
This is main file of treeview example, Here we will call createTreeView() method with required parameters.

Step 4: Create CSS file style.css and we will write all css related class with in it, currently I am using order list to create tree view. You can also change image path here as per your image location.



Demo and Download Source Code