How to Add Search Functionality in Dropdown List Using jQuery

In this tutorial i will let you know how to create dropdown list with Rich UI. Normally HTML provide simple SELECT element to create dropdown list.In this tutorial you will learn how to create dropdown list with search functionality with help of excellent 'chosen' jquery plugin, you can download chosen from Here.


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Simple Example of jQuery Searchable DropDown list Using Chosen

Step 1: First we will add library file of chosen plugin.


Here we have include chosen.css and chosen.js file with jQuery dependency.

Step 2: Now we will add HTMl drop-down list.

We have create simple HTMl option list and added class chzn-select.
Step 3: Finally call chosen library method to apply css and functionality on dropdown list.

We have applied chosen method on all select elements,You can apply on '#selectid' or '.ClassName'.

Live Demo & Download Source Code

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