How To Convert XSD into Array Using PHP

Hi friend, In this tutorial i will describe how to convert xsd into associative array.I had goggling for this but unfortunately i did not found useful answer.
Here, I am sharing my thoughts, How i was get content of xsd file, since there is no method in PHP to direct parse XSD file into Array like XML file.So I have use a trick to convert xsd into xml file and then into array.

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There are following steps to use convert XSD into array.

Step 1: Load xsd file using php load() into document domain.

Step 2: Save xsd file as an xml file.

Step 3: Generate xml as a string and removed xsd prefix.

finally we have converted xsd into xml file, now we will xml lib function of PHP to get array.

Step 4: Load xml sting and and convert into array.

Full Source Code to Convert XSD to Array Using PHP

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