Simple Bootstrap Modal with Dynamic content Using remote URL

Model is very important UI for any website, normally every website use modal box to show message,add/edit data etc, here we will learn how to create popup box based on URL.The url can be separate file or mvc based url.We will use window manager class to create model box.The open method takes class name,window id and content url as parameters.

Since remote_url option has been deprecated on bootstrap v3.3.0 and will be removed in v4, so we have used or calling jQuery.load method to load content in modal window.

The main benefit of jQuery's load method is the modal content will be dynamic instead of static or loaded one time like remote URL.

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We have used following file to create modal popup using bootstrap

  1. index.php : This file will be used to define all library files and load content.
  2. modalbox.php : This file will participate to create modal layout.

Steps to Create Bootstrap Modal Using jQuery load() method

Step 1: We have included all bootstrap and jquery files in index.php file.

In above code we have created a link which is used to show bootstrap modal window.

Step 2: We have created modal window file modalbox.php.

Step 3: So now we will call jquery load() method using target modal URL file path and show modal popup.

Simple Demo and Example of Bootstrap Modal With Url