PHP isset() vs empty() vs is_null()

This php tutorial help to understand difference between PHP isset() vs empty() vs is_null().These method are used to test the value of a variable.You can use isset(), empty() and is_null() for test variable have a value or not.

Normally, We have used these functions into the php application.All these functions return a Boolean value.In this post I will explain the differences between these functions.

PHP isset() Example

This isset() method used to determine if a variable is set and is not NULL.You can read isset() manual.

it returns TRUE only when the variable is not null.


PHP empty() Example

This empty() method used to determine if a variable is set and not empty.You can read empty() manual.

it returns True if var is empty string, false, array(), NULL, 0, and an unset variable. Otherwise returns False.

  • "" (an empty string)
  • 0 (0 as an integer)
  • 0.0 (0 as a float)
  • "0" (0 as a string)
  • NULL
  • array() (an empty array)

PHP empty() example

Output :

PHP is_null() Method

The is_null() method use to determine finds whether a variable is NULL or not.You can read empty() manual.

It returns TRUE if var is null, FALSE otherwise.

is_null Example

Output :

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