How to install APC cache on WAMP Server(Windows) and XAMPP

This tutorial demonstrate how to install PHP APC cache module on your php environment (WAMP/XAMPP), First we will insure about our version of APC cache which is based on compiler version.We will learn how to install PHP APC Cache on WAMP and XAMPP server in windows. APC is a great op-code caching system for PHP that can help speed up your website. APC Cache help to bypass the parsing and compiling steps and minimizes web request to the server.

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There are two type APC versions.

1- VC6
2- VC9

If your php compiler version is “Compiler: MSVC6 (Visual C++ 6.0)” ,Then we need to APC VC6 version Otherwise APC VC9 version.We will check compiler version from phpinfo file of wamp server.


Step 1 : We will download require version of php_apc.dll file from here
As per my compiler I was downloaded ‘APC 3.1.6 for PHP 5.3 vc6’

Step 2 : We will paste this dll file into c: /wamp/bin/php/ext/ folder.

Step 3 : We will restart wamp or machine.

Step 4 : Enabled APC module from PHP Extension list.

Step 5 : paste the below configuration parameter into C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.17\bin\php.ini file

Step 6 : Restart the wamp server or Machine.

Step 7 : Open php info file of wamp server.

If we will find APC module configuration into php info file then everything is OK and installed otherwise something is wrong.

How to Install PHP APC Cache on XAMPP

You can follow below steps to install php APC cache on XAMPP server. XAMPP is also commonly use by developer for PHP development so i am here sharing steps to install APC php cache into xampp.

Step 1: Put the .dll(which you have downloaded from above step) file into php/ext folder.

Step 2: Open php.ini configuration file and find 'extension : php_apc.dll', if you not found then add this line otherwise remove the semi-colon before the extension.

Step 3: Restart the Xampp server check the phpinfo() and search apc if its found thats mean APC Successfully installed on your server.

In this php apc cache tutorial, We have learn about installation of PHP APC cache on WAMP and XAMPP server.I hope its help you and feel free to post your suggestions and questions into comment section.