How To Delete Multiple Selected Rows Using jQuery

In this jQuery tutorial, I will let you know how to delete multiple records from the table using jQuery with Ajax, Here also we have an option to select all or unchecked all records of the table.

This is very common functionality of any HTML table listing and , nobody  wants to reload the page after the delete record.The below methods are used for delete selected rows from grid with help of Ajax.

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This jQuery Example have following Functionality

  • Check all & Uncheck all check boxes using jQuery
  • Delete single row from a table using PHP(Server-side) OR jQuery(Client-side)
  • Delete multiple row from a table with Empty validation using PHP(Server-side) OR jQuery(Client-side)

Simple jQuery Script to Delete Single/Multiple Selected Rows

Step 1: We have included jquery and bootstrap files.

Step 2: We will define HTML table rows.

Name Salary Age Delete
Tiger Nixon 320800 61
Garrett Winters 170750 63

Step 3: This function is used for selecting all records of the table.You can use this function to Check all & Uncheck all elements.

Step 4 : Below function is used to delete all records using Ajax request(Server-Side) or jQuery(Client-Side).

JavaScript Function to Delete Single Record

Step 5: Below jQuery script is used to delete single records from the HTML table.

Demo & Download Source Code

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