How To Connect Exchange Server With PHP

in this tutorial will tell you how to create connection with your outlook exchange services,this is first step of ‘to get mail list from exchange server’.Today i got work regrading fetch all email from inbox and download all attachment of email store into hard drive.

So here i will tell you first steps to connect PHP with exchange server, i am very disappointing from Microsoft he is providing exchange api class for C# but not PHP, i would like to thanks to jamesiarmes and his team, he is providing ews API for PHP.I am using this api to connect PHP with EWS.

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As per API “This library makes Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 Web Services easier to implement in PHP. This library requires PHP 5.2+ with the SOAP and cURL extensions installed. This library makes use of the NTLMSoapClient Class by Thomas Rabaix.”