Awesome Slim Scroll Jquery Plugin

ScrollBar is a way to define log content in a smart way manner.There are a lot of scroll jquery plugin available, here i am listing best jquery scroll plugin. Normally we have used div to scroll content but scroll is very ugly to see, but with help of below plugin we can show up our content very awesome manner to end user.
The scroll are two type horizontal scroll bar or vertical scroll bar,some jquery scrollbar plugin provding horizontal and some providing only vertical but we need to find those jquery scrollbar plugin which can work on both horizontal as well as vertical.

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1- slimScroll


slimScroll is a small jQuery plugin that transforms any div into a scrollable area with a nice scrollbar – similar to the one Facebook and Google started using in their products recently. slimScroll doesn’t occupy any visual space as it only appears on a user initiated mouse-over. User can drag the scrollbar or use mouse-wheel to change the scroll value.
Download slimScroll

2- ClassyScroll



ClassyScroll is a jQuery plugin written by Marius Stanciu – Sergiu, a plugin that can be used not only as replacement of native browser scrollbars, but you can use it even to create slideshows with external controls. Among other features ClassyScroll can auto adjust scrollbars on window resize and recognize touch events on Android and iOS devices, so it’s perfect for responsive sites that have to dynamically adapt to different environments and devices.

Download ClassyScroll

3- nanoScroller


nanoScroller.js is a jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of implementing Mac OS X Lion-styled scrollbars for your website. It uses minimal HTML markup being .nano > .nano-content. The other scrollbar div elements .pane > .nano-slider are added during run time to prevent clutter in templating. The latest version utilizes native scrolling and works with the iPad, iPhone, and some Android Tablets.

Download nanoScroller

4- iScroll 5

iScroll is a high performance, small footprint, dependency free, multi-platform javascript scroller.

It works on desktop, mobile and smart TV. It has been vigorously optimized for performance and size so to offer the smoothest result on modern and old devices alike.

iScroll does not just scroll. It can handle any element that needs to be moved with user interaction. It adds scrolling, zooming, panning, infinite scrolling, parallax scrolling, carousels to your projects and manages to do that in just 4kb.

Download iScroll 5