MongoDB Part 2: Install MongoDB Driver in XAMPP/WAMP Windows

in previous step I was explained how to How to install MongoDb on windows, Here i am providing steps to install mongodb driver in XAMPP for PHP. Mongo providing .dll file to install mongo driver as a php extension on xampp windows.There are following steps need to follow for install mongo driver extension with xampp.

Simple Step to Install Mongo Driver on Xampp/Wamp

  1. Download .dll file from PEAR Directory, please make sure .dll file must be compatible with your PHP version
  2. Put downloaded .dll file into your PHP extension (\ext) directory, mine xampp location is (D:\xampp\php\ext\)
  3. Enable php_mongo.dll extension from you php.ini file, php.ini file location would be (D:\xampp\php\), Open file and search 'extension=php_mongo.dll', if found remove semi-colon ';' otherwise add 'extension=php_mongo.dll' line to enable mongoDB extension for PHP
  4. Restart Xampp server,if you will get error ‘mondo dll file can not found’ that means your .dll file is not compatible with your PHP version
  5. After successful installation, please open your php_info file and search mongo if you found mongo as a module that’s mean you have successfully installed mongoDB driver on your xampp

Please Post questions and queries using comment section,I will try my best to solve your problem and concern.