HTML table Listing, Searching and Sorting Using Codeigniter and Mysql – II


We have created html table listing using codeigniter and mysql database in previous codeigniter tutorial.We will add advanced feature in this table like any other table grid plugin.We will follow following steps to add pagination features. I am using codeigniter pagination library for paging and url library for anchor tag.CI is providing many useful library […]

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Example of Add,Edit and Delete Record Using Codeigniter and MySQL


This Codeigniter tutorial will help to create sample crud operation application using ci framework and MySQL, As you know CRUD example will have add record,edit record and delete record from database.I am creating CRUD operation using Codeigniter framework and MySQL database.We will create simple Codeigniter example that will use MySQL for database related operation. I […]

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Server Side Datatable with Sorting,Searching and Pagination Using CodeIgniter – I

This tutorial help to create jQuery datatable listing with Sorting, Searching and Pagination using CodeIgniter 3. I am using AJAX for Sorting, Searching and Pagination records from MySQL database. CodeIgniter (CI) is very popular light-weight PHP framework that helps to create a full-fledged web application. You can read more about CI from Official CodeIgniter site.CodeIgniter […]

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