Send Feedback Form Through Mail Using PHP

This tutorial help to create feedback from using bootstrap and send through email using php. We will use PHP mail functionality to send form content using email.I just want to send a user feedback form through email using PHP on-click of submit button.

Form content will go to the mentioned email id, you can configure target email id in config or into php script file.

You can also check other tutorial of php mail,

I will use following files for this Product Listing tutorial,

  1. index.php : This file containing the feedback form.
  2. email.php : This file will use to send feedback form to tagert email id.

How to send Feedback Form Through Email

We will create feedback from into index.php file, You can use this tutorial for Quote Form and send to email id or as contact-us page that will send to email id through php email.

Step 1: We will create HTML form using Bootstrap.

Step 2: We will create AJAX request that will send Form data to email.php file.

I am using jQuery, so i ll use jQuery AJAX fucntionality to send data to server side.

Step 3: We will create send mail functionality into email.php, need to add below code into email.php. We will use php mail() function to send mail.The mail() function takes some parameters like, to_email, subject of email and body of email.

We are doing validation of input fields, if any input fields is empty then sent consolidated error message and displayed into feedback form, if everything perfect then we are sending success message to feedback form.We are using json_encode() function to use to send data in json format.