Simple Example of Flexi Grid with PHP in MVC Pattern

In this post we will learn how to use flexigrid with php. Flexigrid is very useful jquery plug-in for HTML grid listing table. It has many features like sorting, pagination and reloading. Flexi grid provides flexibility to the developer to add hooks with grid event. This is very easy and siimple to integrate flexigrid with PHP. Flexigrid is an open source project so don’t worry about license.

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We will implement flexigrid with PHP in MVC pattern.

Below are simple steps to with full db script:

Step 1: First we will create a table into db.

Step 2: Fetch the data in model class.

Step 3: After fetching data from database,we will call model method into controller class action method and format the results according flexigrid table format.

Step 4: Now we will add css and js library file into head section of view.

Step 5: Create HTML table for bind grid.

Step 6: After adding jquery and flexi grid js file into head part of view file. We will format grid layout. we will add below code in bottom of view file.


Here I am sharing source code for flexigrid with constant data.