Simple Example Bootgrid (Server Side) with PHP, MySQL and Ajax

This tutorial help to understand Bootgrid listing with PHP, MySQL Using Ajax.We will convert simple HTML table into the feature table with functionality like searching table data, pagination, column sorting and many more.

Bootgrid is a awesome grid plugin for listing results. Bootgrid grid control especially designed for bootstrap. Bootgrid has rich features like Lightweight,Cross Browser Support(IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and html5 support.

You can use bootgrid to generate listing using two methods.

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Bootgrid is extremely well build jQuery grid plugin that is used to change a simple HTML table into powerful grid with functionality like insert, update and delete records from table, table column sorting, pagination, searching data using server side.

option 1 : Bootgrid Example with Client Side

Client side means you are provides pagination, sorting and searching by loading whole data records at once.This will work fine only small set of records but if you have large set of records then performance issue will come into the picture, Because fetching large amount of data from server side will take time to process and load data into the table.

Bootgrid Example of Pagination, Sorting and Searching Using Client Side Data Binding

There is no any special configuration needed to apply bootgrid on table.You need to fetch all records from database and bind with table using rows via HTML or use the jQuery append method to append rows dynamically with table body.Finally initialize bootgrid on table using data-toggle="bootgrid" attribute with in you table like below,

data-toggle use to initialize bootgrid on table.

Option 2: Bootgrid (Server Side) With PHP,MySQL and Ajax

Server side processing will come in picture when you have large set of data.Server side data will fetch data in chunk, so data overhead of your application will improve and get better performance of application.We need the ajax option to true and pass an URL to the url option in bootgrid method.

There are Following files will participate in Bootgrid with PHP, MySql and ajax

  • index.php : This file is responsible to create html table and pagination.
  • connection.php : This file is use to create connection with mysql.
  • response.php : This file is responsible to fetch data from database using mysql query and return json data to index.php.
  • dist : This is a folder, which is use to keep all library file.

Simple Demo Bootgrid (Server Side) with PHP, MYsql and ajax

Step 1: Include js and css file into index.php.

Step 2: Define html table and call data-toggle="bootgrid" attribute

Step 3:
Define ajax request to fetch data from server-side.

Here #employee_grid is table id where i am implementing bootgrid and url: "response.php" is the target service or file to call on each pagination request.

Step 4: response.php will contain all server side processing logic and code.

Conclusion :

Bootgrid is very simple and easy to use with php and MySQL.We can use with one time data records(Client side sorting,searching and pagination) as well as server side(sorting,searching and pagination) for large data set.

Demo & Download Code Of Bootgrid with PHP,Mysql and Ajax

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