Script as a Daemon process in windows

In this tutorial i will tell you how to set a script as a daemon process in windows.Daemon process will run when the system is start-up or boot.The rest of work regrading calling of your script will handle internal with in your script.
We can create a task with below parameters and task scheduler to run at a system startup.
Step 1: Open task scheduler.
Step 2: Click ‘Create Task’ option under action menu.
Step 3: Fill the task name and task description

Step 4: Click trigger tab and select ’At startup’.
Step 5: Click Actions tab.
1.Program/script: user defined name anythning.
2.Add arguments: path of .vbs script
Ex: D:\path\test.vbs
3.Start in (Optional): path of folder script
Ex: D:\path

Step 6: Click Settings tab.
1.Stop the task ..: Enter manually ‘5 minutes’.
2.….rule applies: Select ‘stop the existing instance’