PHP Math Functions Example and Demos

PHP has great support with Mathematical processing and operations. PHP has very rich functions high level programming language.We can use these MATH function to addition of number, subtraction addition of number,multiplication addition of number and many other mathematical operation.In This tutorial we will understand simple use of PHP Mathematics function with sample code.

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PHP has basic math and advanced level arithmetic functions which are useful in mathematics scientific calculation.There are two ceil() and floor() php method for rounding off number.

Simple use of Floor function in PHP

The floor() function is used to rounds off the number to the next lowest integer value.floor will return float value or false in case of an error.

echo floor(0.65);  

The output of the above code will be 0.

Simple use of ceil function in PHP

The ceil() function rounds the value up to the nearest integer.

echo ceil(0.65);  

The output of the above code will be 1.