PHP Common Array Problems and Solutions

This quick tutorial help to understand uses of some php common array problems with solutions, I am also sharing tutorial link to understand php array functions with details. PHP is very rich programming languages in terms of in-built functions.
We will use these inbuilt functions to solve our php array problems.You can bookmark this article for future use of next php projects.The PHP array function must be use in any PHP framework and cms, array functions uses are depends on logic.

Like, If you want reverse a string using php, You can reverse string using without any function or with function, with help of functions you can do same in three lines but without function methods you will achieve same result with help of number of lines code.

$str = "Hello! I m phpflow."

You can reverse string with method like below,

You can achieve same result using for loop but it was lengthy process.

How to Convert XML to Array

This is very common problem when you are working with web services and data format in XML format, to process data in php, you need to convert xml to array using php.
You can get more information from Convert XML to Array in PHP Using XML2Array.

Insert PHP Array into MySQL Table

MySQL is very popular open source database and well coupled with PHP language, so sometimes we need to insert arrays data into mysql using PHP.
I shared php article Insert PHP Array into MySQL Table.

Remove Duplicates From Multidimensional Array

Sometimes we have multidimensional php array but there are number of elements duplicate, Now we want to remove duplicate elements from php multi-dimentinal array.

You can get more details from PHP remove element from Array.

Find Duplicates Elements in an Array

Sometimes we need to get only the duplicate elements from arrays. PHP provide many array functions, we used some of them , First we will get unique array with help of array_unique method then we will extract difference of arrays with help of array_diff_assoc and finally we will fire array_unique function to get duplicate values of array.

How to Find Second Last Element of Array in PHP

We want to find second last elements from an array, its php interview question which was asking by interviewer.You can use php array_slice() method to get second last element of an array in php.

How to Stepping UP array using PHP

PHP providing reset() method to stepping up array, its return first element of array.

How to Get Keys and values of an Array in php

You can get keys and values using php functions is very easy, PHP providing array_keys() method to keys of arrays and array_values() method to get values of an array.

How to Flip key and values of Array in php

You can also interchange key and values of array in php.You can make keys to value and values to key using array_flip() methods.

You can also read other php array functions and use from Common PHP Array Functions.