HTML table Listing, Searching and Sorting Using Codeigniter and Mysql – I


In this Codeigniter tutorial, I will discuss with you, how to fetch records from MySQL database and bind with HTML table with searching, sorting and pagination.We will add some configuration parameters with Codeigniter using config and auto-loader file. These are very common features of any html table grid listing.You need to provide pagination,sorting and searching […]

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X-editable Inline Editing Example Using PHP and MySQL

We have already shared tutorials about x-editable jQuery plugin, We got huge response and request to share x-editable tutorial for update record using php and mysql. I will demonstrate in this php tutorial to create inline editing using php and mysql. You can also create inline editing using HTML5 attribute. Inline editing is very important […]

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Server Side Datatable with Sorting,Searching and Pagination Using CodeIgniter – I

This tutorial help to create jQuery datatable listing with Sorting, Searching and Pagination using CodeIgniter 3. I am using AJAX for Sorting, Searching and Pagination records from MySQL database. CodeIgniter (CI) is very popular light-weight PHP framework that helps to create a full-fledged web application. You can read more about CI from Official CodeIgniter site.CodeIgniter […]

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