Multi Step Form Using PHP, Bootstrap and jQuery

This post help to understand multi step form submission with progress bar using php, jQuery and bootstrp3. Multi steps form is very useful functionality when the user input data is too much and need to divide into parts.We will divide user inputs into steps and associate these steps each other using navigation like tab or pills.

We will gather all these steps data and submit all inputs on final step of the HTML Form.I am using non ajax method to submit data using php, You can use ajax submit using jQuery.

There are following steps will follow on this article,

  1. We will create multi steps form UI using bootstrap.
  2. Navigation of next and previous step form using jquery.
  3. Post the all steps form data and get into action.php file.

Simple Example of Multi step form Using jQuery and Bootstrap

Lets create multi step form using bootstrap.

Step 1: We will create index.php file, where we need to test this sample example. I need to include jQuery and bootstrap library files into the head section of index.php file.

Here i am using cdn path for jquery and bootstrap. You can also use these library locally and replace with your path.

Step 2: Creating HTML UI for all steps which you need in multi step form to follow user and added into index.php file.

I have created 3 steps using HTML field-set control for each step, So whenever user click next and previous button. We will slide fieldset based on current step.

Step 3: Add css class into section of index.php file to hide other steps except first step.

Step 4: We will use jQuery to hide and show HTML fieldset for navigation between steps,You need to add below code into footer of index.php file.

Step 5: Created action.php file and added below code into this file.

So after completion of all steps user will click submit button. We will post all steps data and send to action.php file using form action attribute.

You can download source code and Demo from below link.