HTML Table Listing Using PHP and PostgreSQL Database

This PHP tutorial help to create an HTML listing using the PostgreSQL database. It’s very simple and easy to create HTML listing using PHP, as like other databases used, except PostgreSQL database connection string and Postgres method to fetch data.

PHP provides PostgreSQL libs to communicate PHP with Postgres database.

We will follow following steps to integrate PostgreSQL with php.

  • Enable postgres module from php.ini file
  • Create connection string using postgres database.
  • Get data and display into HTML template.


How to Enable postgres data in php.ini

we will enable postgres extension from php.ini file, we will un-comment below line.

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How to Connect Postgres Database with PHP

We will use pg_connect method to create database connection with PostgreSQL. I will pass dbhost, db name,port and password.

We have created ‘test’ database and create employee using below script.

we will create connection.php file and added below code,

We will create response.php file and add below code to access data records from PostgreSQL table.

Included connection.php file at the top of file, This file use to access Postgres database connection object.We have defined the Employee class and assigned the connection object into a class variable.

Finally, created getEmployees() method to access employee data from postgres database and return data.We will use this method later on into index.php file to get results set.

We will create index.php and included required css and js libs files.

We will import response.php file to access data from postgres using method.

Now, we have all employees data into $emps php variable.We will iterate on $emps array and bind data with html table column using foreach() method.

You can download source code and see Demo from below link.


We have enabled postgres database driver into php using php.ini file, Also created database connection object using pg_connect() method, fetched data from postgres database using php and display into HTML table.

5 thoughts on “HTML Table Listing Using PHP and PostgreSQL Database

  1. Thanks. Working like a charme.
    It is possible to “activate” the “delete button” ? Means, after pressing the “Delete” button should delete the employee.
    I am not sure what to do.

  2. Hello, it is possible to implement the delete function ?
    Have ttired to generate a delete.php, but was not successfull.

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