How to Override Product and Add Tab in Catalog ProductView in Magento

Magento is very powerful and famous e-commerce CMS to developed online website.Producat module is very important on any tools, here we will discuss how to override product module.Here first we will create new tab and then override catalog functionality as per our requirement.

Step 1:
Fist we have create new module web with namespace msa.
Step 2: Now we have override the catalog product controller,paste the below code in config.xml.
[code type=xml]


Step 3: Create a new file in Controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php and paste the below code.

Stpe 5:
Now we regidter phtml file into layout xml file App/design/adminhtml/yourtheme/layout/web.xml.

Step 6: Now we have creating design template file for show control App/design/adminhtml/yourtheme/template/web/catalog/product/tab.phtml.

Step 7: Now we have create tab.php file for override phtml file of catalog product tab app/code/local/Msa/Web/Block/Adminhtml/ CatalogProducttab.php.

Step 8: Now we create observer file for save record into databse when the product is updated.