How to Install & Configure Codeigniter 4 in XAMPP

This tutorial help to configure and install Codeigniter 4, This is latest version of codeigniter and supported by php 7.2+.The CodeIgniter 3.1.11 is the stable version of the framework which supported by PHP 5.6+.

CodeIgniter 4 is the upcoming version of the framework, intended for use with PHP7.2. Development is underway, and the current version is v4.0.0-rc.3. You can get more information from here.

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

The Pre-requisite For Codeigniter 4

  • System must have php 7.2+.
  • The composer must have installed into the system.
  • The php internationalize package(php_intl.dll) must be enabled.

I am using xampp to install and configure codeigniter, You can check php version using below command –

Install CodeIgniter in Xampp

I am using composer to install package. Open the window command window and run below command –

composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter codeigniter-blog -s rc

codeigniter-blog is a your codeigniter project name.

I am creating skeleton app of codeigniter 4, The CodeIgniter 4 app starter repository holds a skeleton application, with a composer dependency on the latest released version of the framework.

Now, We will update dependency using below command. Whenever there is a new release, then from the command line in your project root:

composer update

Create Virtual Host in XAMPP

Let’s create virtual host for this codeigniter projects, open the the Apache httpd-vhosts.conf file which are located in D:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf, Added below lines of code at the end of the file.

Now, Open the hosts file which are located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, Added below code into this file at the end.

restart the xampp server.

Let’s open the browser and navigate, if you are getting welcome page, that means everything fine otherwise you ll get intl package is not enabled.

You can enable php intl package by following steps:

php_intl.dll file exist in php/ext folder

  • Open php config file (php.ini, ) usually in the same folder as the php executable.
  • Search the "extension=php_intl.dll" line into the php.ini file, if it is existing and commented, un-comment it.
  • Restart the web server (usually Apache).
  • Check if the extension is enabled using phpinfo().

php_intl.dll doest not exist in php/ext folder

  • Check your php version by running the php -v command.
  • Download the PHP version that corresponds to yours from the PHP Downloads Page (TS/NTS, x86/x64).
  • Search for the php_intl.dll file in the ext folder in that version and copy it in your php\ext folder.
  • Search the php.ini file and open it.
  • Add "extension=php_intl.dll" into the php.ini file.
  • Restart the web server (usually apache)
  • Check if the extension is enabled using phpinfo()

Open your favorite browser and navigate Hopefully, You will get codeigniter welcome message.

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