How To Create Side Bar in WordPress Template

Sidebar is the important part of wordpress.Sidebar means the content area in template where you define your widget.To create sidebar in wordpress is very easy,wordpress has inbuild method too create sidebar.We just pass a new sidebar parameters in this function and we will able to see side bar in widget link on dashbord admin.

Step to create sidebar in wordpress:

1- Add new sidebar parametres into function.php file.
2- Create sidebar-file.php under current activated theme folder.
3- Call this side bar index.php file.

Below is simple code to create sidebar in wordpress:

Let us assume we need to create left side bar in current theme.So first we need to add this sidebar parameters in function.php file.

I have taken side name will be left widget and div id will be left,
Step 1: First we will register our sidebar into function.php file.

Step 2: Now we will add sidebar-left.php file under theme folder.Add below code in sidebar-left.php file.

Step 3: Call sidebar method to add in index.php file.

Note: left is the your side bar name which is post append part of your file sidebar-left.php under theme folder.