How to Configure Zend Framework in Xampp

The Zend Framework is most popular framework and zend is focused on web 2.0 style applications. Zend has great extensive support and active user base, It has extensive web services support, and consuming widely available APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr.Here i am describing how to set up zendframework on windows xampp.

Step 1:
Install xampp server on your local drive like. c:/xampp if you have installed xampp then leave first step.

Step 2:
Download the latest ZendFramework and extract it.

Step 3:
open Zendframework folder and open subfolder “library” and here you will find a folder named “Zend”, copy it and past it to the location “c:/xampp/php/”, within “php” folder.

Step 4:
Edit php.ini configuration file “c:/xampp/php/php.ini” , open it and find “include_path” for windows include_path = “.;c:\xampp\php\Zend”.

Step 5:
Open console terminal, and go “c:\xampp\htdocs>” and type the following command
“c:\xampp\htdocs>c:\xampp\php\zf.dat create project zendtest”. if no error message see. your project has been created.

Step 6:
Now check your “htdocs >> zendtest”. where all the necessary folders and files.

Step 7:
Open this url in browser “http://localhost/zendtest/public”

You will get your zend project homepage.