How to Configure Memcached in Lumen Api Framework

Lumen is very popular,fast and light weight api micro-framework by Laravel using php. I have created many project on lumen framework.This tutorial help to configuration of memcached with lumen 5.1.* version.

There is no clear step by step docs available about configuration of memcached and uses in Lumen rest framework.I will share step by step lumen tutorial for memcached configuration with centOS 7,I am using below configuration of Lumen host server.

  • centOS 7
  • php 5.7+
  • Nginx
  • Lumen 5.1+

Please keep in mind do not try with windows server there is no memcached extension available for xampp/wamp server.You can get but not‘d’) php extension.

If you will use with windows, you will get memcached is not available at …line 38.I wastage much time to find windows ext but unfortunately did not work for me.We will follow below steps to add Memcached with Lumen,

  • Enable memcache in .env file
  • Change configuration option in cache config file
  • Install Memcached server
  • Install Memcached ext for php
  • Start Memcached server service
  • Set and Get method to get data from Memcached cache Object

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Lets start configuration of memcached with lumen,

Step 1: We need to update .env file of Lumen project and added Cache driver Memcached.

Step 2: Copy cache.php file from lumen_project\vendor\vendor\laravel\lumen-framework\config\ and put into lumen_project\config\ folder,If config folder is not present in Lumen root create and put cache.php file.

Step 3: Now change value of default cache driver from array to memcached into lumen_project\config\cache.php file.

Step 4: Now we will install memecahed server on Centos and php extention.

Step 5: Now we will restart ngnix,fpm to update php.ini configuration and memcached server using below Linux command.

You can see memcached extension enabled in phpinfo file.If you are not getting memcached extension in phpinfo file then some thing wrong.

How to use Memcached in Lumen

Step 1: Set variable in memcached using set() function.

I have set 15 min for this cache object time limit after that object will flush from Memcached.

Step 2: Set variable in Memcached using get() function.

if not key available in Memcached then it will return false;

That’s all for Memcached configuration and uses with Lumen,I have shared this tutorial for all Lumen api framework and Memcached lover, you can use with other php api framework as well but need to change set() and get() method of object as per your php api framework docs.