Simple Example Flexi Grid with Parameters

Now we will discuss next phase of flexi gird, how to pass parameters and reload flexi grid.In this tutorial i will described how to add search/sorting functionality.The flexi grid already have sorting but if you want custom sort ,Eg.: If we want only those record display in flexi grid which has status completed.

To achieve above objective we need to pass status as a parameters and bind again flexi grid with new result set.
I have assume you are aware of flexi grid basic functionality. You.You can read my Previous Post

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Simple code to add Parameters in Flexi Grid

Javascript code:

jQuery("#task_status").live('change', function()

		var status = $('#task_status option:selected').text();
		if(status =='Select All') {
		status =''
		 jQuery("#tasks-listing-grid").flexOptions({query: 'status='+status}).flexReload();


  • tasks-listing-grid: This is the target div.
  • Parameters: {query: ‘status=’+status}

PHP code:

if(isset($post['query']) && !empty($post['query'])){
			parse_str($post['query'], $query);

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