Dynamic Tree with JSTree, PHP and MySQL

I got huge response from my previous article How to Create Dynamic Tree View Menu,Most of readers asking about how to use checkbox with this and drag and drop features,so In this article i am creating dynamic tree menu with check box using jstree jquery tree view plugin,php and mysql. Dynamic means all nodes of tree menu is depend upon server side processing.

I am using same database structure like previous tutorial How to Create Dynamic Tree View Menu,


Why Choose JStree:

jsTree is very popular jQuery tree plugin to create awesome multi-level menu. jsTress is free, open source jquery treeview plugin, that help to create interactive tree menu using HTML & JSON data sources and AJAX loading. jsTree is easily extendable, them-able and configurable.It has a built in mobile theme for responsive design and various callback methods.

jsTree jQuery Tree Plugin main Features are:

  • drag & drop support
  • keyboard navigation
  • inline edit
  • create and delete
  • tri-state checkboxes
  • fuzzy searching
  • customizable node types

You can also check other tutorial of TreeView Menu,

Video Tutorial:

If you are more comfortable in watching a video that explains about Dynamic Tree with JSTree, PHP and MySQL, then you should watch this video tutorial.

How To create Dynamic Tree using PHP, MySQL and jquery

So we are using below files to create dynamic treeview using jstree jquery tree plugin,php and mysql. Its very easy and simple,The project structure are follows:

  1. dist folder : This folder will contains all js/css and images files.
  2. index.php : This file is use to display tree menu.
  3. response.php : This file is use to fetch tree nodes from database and convert them into json object.

Step 1: Create Table structure to stored tree menu nodes.we need to create ‘test’ database(if you have then don’t need) and created below 'treeview_items' table into this database.

Step 2: Created connection with MySQL into (response.php) file.

Step 3: Created PHP array of all tree nodes and encode into json(response.php) file.

Step 4: Included all js/css files of jsTree into index.php file.

Step 5: Created tree menu container in index.php.

Step 6: Call jstree method on div container.

You can see here, we are using "checkbox" plugin to create check-box against each node.We are passing json data to jstree method.

You can download source code and Demo from below link.

29 thoughts on “Dynamic Tree with JSTree, PHP and MySQL

  1. hi sir, I have used the code and its working fine. I have added a field as link which will hold the target for child nodes . On clicking the same it will redirect the same to that page. How to implement the same. Can anyone help.

    • Hi Rajessh,
      I got some time to solve ur problem, You need to add below changes to add href in you all node anchor tag but on-click to ridrect you need to debugging on jstree call back function.
      You can add href attribute and value using below code,
      //already have in you code
      $itemsByReference[$item[‘id’]][‘data’] = new StdClass();

      add below two lines

      $itemsByReference[$item[‘id’]][‘a_attr’] = new StdClass();
      $itemsByReference[$item[‘id’]][‘a_attr’]->href = ‘google.com’;

        • you can add this code with jstree to redirect on href page.

          jstree().bind(“select_node.jstree”, function (e, data) {

          var href = data.node.a_attr.href;

          document.location.href = href;



        • you can get full refrence from http://www.phpflow.com/php/advanced-treeview-menu-using-jstree-with-php-and-mysql/ tutorial.

  2. I copied all the snippets into right php files but have no output… 🙁 the code is not working… it is not something outdated due new version of jsTree ???

    The hard-coded data works well, also the code from article “How to Create Dynamic Tree View Menu” – that I adapted on My custom database successfully, but this JSON is My nightmare… 🙁

  3. Hello

    How change database column name?
    The colum must be “text”?
    I did’t found “text” call funtion on response.php


      • soryy actually jstree must have ‘text’ field json for node label name, so u need to change column name after select * query, so u will rebuild fetched mysql array data.

  4. FIrst thanks for the tutorial. I don’t understand why you pass item as reference (not expert on PHP tricks), but well, I will study this. About the tutorial, I can’t get it working. I tried my own, and got an empty tree. Then I saw there is a sample download, but I get the same result. Some idea why? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65a9bf823b87d807bac4a9bfd6b78cc56c3c4563380e893cfdee78dc0eab2ce0.png

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      It took me some hours to find out since I’m not well versed in PHP and JSON, but it seems that the file outputs the keys in the JSON which messes up the structure (in your screenshot the first characters {“1”: for example). You can avoid this by changing the last line to:

      echo json_encode(array_values($data));

      For more information on array_values check: http://php.net/manual/en/function.array-values.php

  5. $sql = “SELECT id, title AS text, parent_id FROM my_table ;”

    If for example in the DB the name of the column is “title”, in the returned array it’s aliased to “text”.

  6. Hello,

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have use this example with a
    menu to set the authorisation. The response.php is working well in
    combination with the database, the whole tree is build correctly. But
    how can I, when the page just is build, set the checkboxes when the
    pages is opening?

    Can I do this in Response.php? But how? Or need
    this the be done in jQuery after the full tree is build and set then the
    checkboxes by there id?

    Or did write it down already somewere, because it seems to me that I’m not the first one with question.



    • you can take reference from this jstree tutorial , http://www.phpflow.com/php/create-rename-delete-node-using-jstree-php-mysql/

      • Thank you very much ! This is exactly what i wanted. I was able to easily enter this modification into the code.
        And lastly, to finish my app, i would like to be able to complete the script using the following 3 buttons « edit » « delete » and « view » wrote in the example, but by displaying a pop-up instead of a new web-page then add a general button that says « add ».
        If you have a moment, kindly.

        • you need to remove context menu and add redirect logic to add page view on click of node href attribute.

  7. Hello,

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have use this example with a
    menu to set the authorisation. The response.php is working well in
    combination with the database, the whole tree is build correctly. But i want to get value of each checkbox on selection ,please help me

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