Create Dynamic SQL Insert Query in PHP and MySql

This PHP tutorial help to create dynamic sql insert query using table and data .I have taken this function reference from google search. This function is very useful when you are working model level architecture. In this function main restriction is data key value is same as table column name like other framework ORM.

Example of Dynamic Insert Query for MySQL Using PHP

if MySQL table has 2 column name and age. Then data array should be array('name' => 'parvez', 'age' =>'26').The function takes two argument one is table name where it will insert and other is $data what will insert into table.$data is a key value pair of array and so first we will separate key and value from data array.Now we will implode key and values of arrays and create a string of insert sql.

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Source Code to create dynamic insert Query in php and Mysql

As you can see, I have taken array keys and values into separate PHP array and passed to INSERT MySQL query using php implode() function.

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