Fatal error: Class Soap Client not found

Today i was creating web service through SOAP Client in PHP, but unfortunately i am getting fatal error ‘Class ‘SoapClient’ not found’ on applications. I spent some time on Google to find solution and found that, So here i am sharing my understanding regarding this error. This error can be occurred on Linux as well as Windows system.

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There are following reason to occurred error:


– You do not have php-soap installed.


– You have not un-commented the following line out from the php.ini file

By default it looks like this:

It should be look like this:

Even if you are getting same error on windows system that means your extension directory path is not set. Sometimes on windows, your extension_dir path sets relative path.
I have found that simply un-commenting the extension_dir line will not do the trick. rather, you may have to set an absolute path to the extensions directory.

by default it looks like this:

It should be look like this:

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