Best PHP Framework for 2016 – PHP MVC Framework Trends

There are a lot of PHP framework available in php development,So there is confusion in developer minds which php framework will use or which not.Each PHP framework has advantages and disadvantages, AS We know core programming development is very complex and time consuming.That why framework term came into programming picture.Framework help to develop application faster and easily.Framework help to organize your code and easy to maintain application.

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There are following parameters for Framework, what developer analyzing to select correct framework for his development.

1. IS followed MVC Pattern.?
2. Hows Code and File Organization
3. What are Utilities and Libraries
4. Performance.
5. What are security features.?
6. Hows Community Support.?
7. Job Opportunities

Laravel vs Symfony vs Yii vs Cakephp vs Zend Comparison Chart

Laravel -The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

In 2015 laravel is crossing popularity over other php framework.Laravel is most popular framework in php development.Its MVC framework with RESTful routing, native PHP, light weight tempting engine,queuing,caching and etc.Laravel provides own local development environment homestead,which is powered by Vagrant, Homestead includes latest PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and more.


This is a another powerful framework with flexibility and scalability.Symphony framework has great community support that makes easy development.Laravel also using in built symphony library for easy and scale development.Symphony support dependency inject and event dispatcher that makes him awesome framework for php lover.

Zend Framework

Zend is another powerful php framework that’s widely used in php development.It also has great community support and web tutorials. It has extensive web services support, and consuming widely available APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr.Zend has own IDE which help developer to drag and drop html element and easy development.


Phalcon is another growing php framework in php development. Phalcon is the fastest PHP framework ever due to his innovative architecture. Phalcon has been implemented as a C extension coupled with lower resource consumption. Phalcon supports ORM,Memcache, security, and universal auto-loader etc.


Early release of CakePHP 3.o has been come with extensive feature with improvement of existing features. Cakephp is popular because its very easy to learn, fast development ,light weight framework,and easy to use.Cake Framework has many features like session, cookie, database access, caching, validation and authentication.



I personally suggest this framework for php beginner.Codeigniter is easy to learn and use for developer.It is a lightweight powerful PHP framework that provides simple and elegant platform to create full-featured web applications.



Yii is another popular php framework for easy and fast development.It back by good number of community support. Yii has support excellent caching system,Security with validation,Unit Test,RBAC and many more.



You have seen features and characteristic of each Best PHP framework.You have also learn PHP Framework comparison and Trends 2015.I have given idea about most popular php framework 2015 and comparison between like cakephp vs zend,laravel vs zend,symfony vs laravel etc.