Barcode Generation in PHP and With Help of Curl

Here Now we have discuss how to generate barcode in PHP and use in different manner.I have taken reverence from ashberg blog.
First you download the barcode file From here :
When you save downloaded zip file and extract it.Now You are able to run this code .Here you have get file barcode.php which main index file for generating bar code ,which is show only the barcode generated image.

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Option 1:

May be You need to download the barcode generated image, Find the below code in php-barcode.php

And replace above code from below code for download image

Option 2:

May be You need to save the image on folder,
Then replace above code from below code,here You will see a$save location it’s the location where you save the generated barcode image.

Option 3: How to generate barcode with help of Curl

Step 1: First initialized the curl with following code

Step 2: Now call the curl method with specific URL

Step 3: Excute the file

Step 4: Close the curl connection