Authorization and Authentication of Users in laravel 5 Using Sentry

This tutorial help to integrate sentry framework with laravel 5 for user authorization and authentication.The sentry has very powerful features like groups, permissions and additional security etc.You can get more information form Here.

I have updated new post Simple Example of Laravel 5 Login System Using Sentry.

There are lot of sentry methods to check user authentication,permission and roles such as Sentry_isGuest and Sentry_isLoggedIn.

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The Sentry has following features,

  • Authorization
  • Configurable authentication (can use any type of authentication required, such as username or email)
  • Activation of user (optional)
  • Groups and group permissions
  • “Remember me”
  • Password resetting
  • User data
  • Interface driven – switch out your own implementations at will
  • User suspension
  • Login throttling (optional)
  • User banning

You can defined routing based on user authentication like below in laravel route.php file.

  1. Below code is used to provide access to GUEST user.
  2. Below code is use to provide access to Loggedin user.

Step 1: Need to add sentry as dependency module in composer.json file.

Step 2: Now update and install composer.
Step 3: Add below line into config/app.php file.

Step 4: Create new UserController.php file in controller folder.
Step 5:You can use user sentry class as a namespace using below code.
use Sentry;

Step 6: Now you can define register,login and logout method here.


Here i have given basic introduction of sentry and integration with laravel 5.This tutorial help to create basic login and logout features using Sentry in laravel 5.

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