Advanced Ajax Pagination PHP,MySQL Using jQuery

Ajax Pagination is very useful to show set of data without any page refresh,In ajax pagination request will go async manner so that web request will work parallel with another request.

In previous article you have learned how to do Ajax Pagination with PHP with out any external jquery plugin but here i am creating advanced ajax pagination with simplePagination jquery plugin.

simplePagination.js plugin is useful to display pagination on large data set.You can also create pagination without ajax using simplePagination jquery plugin.Simple pagination is a simple jQuery pagination plugin,which are supporting CSS3 themes and Bootstrap support.You can download from here simplepagination plugin.

This tutorial help you to create ajax pagination with php and MySQL.There are following steps need to create ajax pagination with php and MySQL.

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There are following files and folder will participate on ajax pagination with php and mysql

  • db.php : Use to create connection with mysql
  • index.php : Use to show listing of records using php
  • pagination.php : Use to fetch records from database and send to listing page.
  • dist : This folder use to keep simplePagination.js plugin files.

Advanced AJAX Pagination with PHP and Mysql

Step 1: included all js and css files in head section of index file.

Step 2: Created connection file db.php and paste below code to create database connection with mysql using PHP.

Step 3: Created HTML table list and pagination link.

Here we are creating a blank HTML table list, we will fill first time records using onInit method.

Step 4: Call simple Pagination methods on pagination container.

Here we are calling onInit method to fill first time records when page will load then after each time on click of pagination link we are calling onPageClick method and render rows of data into tbody of table.

Step 4: paginatioon.php file use to fetch records from database and bind with tr and return html to pagination ajax method.

You can download source code and Demo from below link.

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