How To Create Widget in WordPress

WordPress has on of the best administration back-ends. Widget is a content area in theme where you can put your functionality as you want. To create a widget in wordpress is very easier, to write your custom widget need little programming experience in PHP.
Wordpress given a great flexibility to the programmer in CMS, you can create great things in finger tips even its plugins, widget and template theme.
This post show you how to create a simple widget and display on your front end.In this tutorial I will create a widget which will take a constant test and display it on your wordpress design are, where you can drag and drop widget to your expected template area.

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It’s same as wordpress plugins except registering as widget_init action.
We will start first create a directory 'test_widget' under wp-content/plugins directory.Now we will create a test test_widget.php file where we will keep all the widget functionality code.

Create Structure of Widget :

We will put below code in test_widget.php at top level.

Above codes tells wordpress compiler this file is widget.

Add code functionality :

This file responsive to all widget level functionality.

How to Activate Plugin:

Now open installed plugin menu in dashboard menu and click activate link of widget plugin.

Widget Area

After activation widget,you can view in widget list of theme.

Front End Area :

Now you can view final result in wordpress front end.