What’s new in Angular 5 – Pentagonal Donut Released

Google angular team announced 5th version of angular UI framework.The angular 5.0.0 code name is called pentagonal-donut. The new angular version brings a lot of new features, bug fixes, performance improvements and changes on over angular 4.The previous version is angular 4.4.0, So in this tutorials discuss new features and deprecated changes in angular 5.You can get more information of angular 5.0 from official Angular official GitHub repository

The Main features and Deprecated changes in Angular 5

  • Http is deprecated and HttpClient will use for making HTTP requests in Angular applications.You can import import { HttpClientModule } from '@angular/common/http';
  • NgFor has been removed as it was deprecated since v4. You can use NgForOf in angular 5.
  • template element was deprecated and use ng-template.
  • You can create multiple aliase names to your components and directives while exporting.
  • Eliminate the need for i18n polyfills for standardization across browsers.
  • ngGetContentSelectors() has been deprecated and use ComponentFactory.ngContentSelectors.
  • Angular 5 improved support decorators for lambdas.
  • ReflectiveInjector is now deprecated and use Injector.create.
  • Angular 5 builds is much faster, smaller and easier to use.
  • Angular 5 has inbuilt build optimizer with angular CLI.
  • Angular Universal Transfer API for more DOM manipulations.
  • Added two more event for form validation , blur or on submit form event.
  • NgProbeToken has been removed from @angular/platform-browser and moved to @angular/core.
  • Introduced two new animation transition aliases 'increment' and 'decrement'.
  • Changes in router cycle, now events are GuardsCheckStart, ChildActivationStart, ActivationStart, GuardsCheckEnd, ResolveStart, ResolveEnd, ActivationEnd, and ChildActivationEnd.

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