Some Useful Window Command

Earlier post we have learn Useful Linux Commands, In This post we will list down all window commands which is frequently used in web development and programming, sometime we know command but not remember, that we are searching through google.I have solved your problem with this post and share some useful window command.You can also share your window command i will update this post.

1- How to check all services in windows:
i) window key + R
ii) type services.msc, you will get all services which is running your system.

2- How to check any specific service is running in your widnows:
wmic.exe process list brief | find /i "tomcat

3- Find IP of your system

4- Troubleshoot connection issue

5- Shutdown/restart system
Shut Down: shutdown /s /t 0
Restart: shutdown /r /t 0

6- List Network Connections and Ports
netstat -an