UFW Uncomplicated Firewall Configuration and Commands

In this tutorial we will learn how to install and use UFW Uncomplicated Firewall on Linux Ubuntu. I am not administrator but whatever i learn now days i m describing here.
UFW Firewall is the default firewall configuration tool for Ubuntu.UFW Firewall helps to iptables firewall configuration like create an IPv4 or IPv6 host-based firewall. By default UFW Firewall is disabled and its available as a front-end GUI as well.

How to Install UFW Firewall in Linux

sudo apt-get install ufw

How to remove UFW:

sudo apt-get remove ufw

If You already have then you can enable and disable ufw using ufw firewall commands.

UFW Firewall Configuration and Commands

How to Enable UFW Firewall
sudo ufw enable

How to Disable UFW Firewall
sudo ufw disbale

How to Check Status of UFW Firewall
sudo ufw status

How to Allow port in UFW Firewall
sudo ufw allow 443

How to Deny Port in UFW Firewall
sudo ufw deny 80

How to Delete Port Rule UFW in Firewall
sudo ufw delete deny/allow 80/443


In This Post we have learn UFW Firewall configuration and commands for linux.You can enable/disable UFW Firewall in linux.UFW Firewall helps to manage firewall configuration in iptable.