Part 1 : Getting Started with Docker

This is first part of docker tutorial series,Docker is open source software container platform,Docker help to automates the repetitive tasks of setting up and configuring development environments so that developers can focus on code instead of application environment.

The main benefit of docker containers is, the isolated container from each other.You can use docker on Linux/Mac and Windows Server.

What is Docker:

Docker is a tool that allows developers, sys-admins etc. to easily deploy their applications in a sandbox (called containers) to run on the host operating system i.e. Linux

open-source project that automates the deployment of software applications inside containers.You can bundle up an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

What is Docker Hub:

The Docker Hub is a centralize repositories for docker images, Its cloud based registry service so that you can share images with co-workers and the Docker community.

You can create docker images and pushed image into docker hub and can deploy docker image on your host.It provides a centralized resource for container image discovery, distribution and change management.

You can also store Docker image is on GitHub or Bit bucket using “Automated build” repository, which is built by the Docker Hub services.

How to create Docker Hub Account

Step 1: Create docker hub account using this link.

Step 2: Confirm email id using confirmation link shared within mail.

Step 3: Create a repository using some description.

Step 3: Set repository visibility public, so that every body can see and use docker image.

Flavor of Docker:

  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Windows

Docker Architecture

Docker containers run with a Docker Daemon that is running as a middle-ware on top of OS.


How to work Docker

There are mainly three types of component exist in docker,

Docker containers: Docker uses container which called “Docker containers”, which are lightweight, isolated, secure user spaces that can facilitate a run-time environment for your application.

Docker Images: Container are spun up using Docker images, that includes specifications for the application environment, dependencies, source etc.
Docker Engine: Docker Engine is undoubtedly the most important component in Docker due to the fact that it facilitates the environment required to create and build docker images and containers.

So in this docker tutorial, We have learn basics of docker and its component, also created docker hub account and respository. I will share next docker tutorial about installation of dcoker on linux.