How to Manually Install Jenkins plugin

Now days Jenkins is more popular for continuous integration build tool, Jenkins provides thousands of Jenkins plugin which help to improve Jenkins functionality. You can directly installed plugin from manage plugin options, but sometime your Jenkins server machines do not have internet connectivity that time you need to install manually Jenkins plugin. Jenkins has plugin repository where you can download .hpi file and upload it your server. In this article i am sharing our finding with you how to install plugin manually in Jenkins.

If you haven’t installed Jenkins,You can follow the following steps to successfully install your plugins.

How To Install manually Jenkins plugin

Step 1: First download plugin from Jenkins plugin directory.

Step 2: Here you find your desired plugin and clicked on plugin name, now .hpi file will downloaded.

Step 3: Now open Jenkins and go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advance configuration(tab)

Step 4: Upload your-plugin.hpi file and save.

Step 5: Restart Jenkins.

I hope it help you.