Part 2 : Simple list example Add/Edit and Delete with Angular

in previous article we have learn Simple list example with Angular, now we will move next step on this tutorial.We will add functionality of add/edit and delete on grid listing.Angular provide very simple logic on behind add/edit and delete functionality, If you have knowledge of JSON object/Array then you can do it with in minute, you learn within five minute to add/edit and delete functionality on angular.


There are following steps to need follow to add crud functionality on Simple list example with Angular previous tutorial.I am assuming you have Part1 : Simple list example with Angular code and understanding.

You can also check other tutorial of angular,

Step 1: We will add add,edit and delete icon on table list.I am using bootstrap3 lib so here i am using class of bootstrap.

Step 2: Now We will create add,edit and delete function in controller.

Step 3: Now we will call these method on click of icon on table list.

I hope this help you.