Part 1 : Simple list example with Angular

Angular is powerful framework that bind your HTML view to model(Objects) ,In simple term when you update model data that reflects on your page as well and same act vise versa.We will discuss in part 1 , How to create table list with java script object.Angular provide awesome binding with data object with HTML view.

There are following steps need to follow create table grid with angular framework.I assume you have created a index.html file in your test folder.

You can also check other tutorial of angular,

Hot To create Simple List Using Angular

Step 1: We include all depends library files that need in this application.I am using bootstrap for table layout so I will use bootstrap framework css classes for UI.

Step 2: Created HTML table layout with ng-app tag.

Step 3: Now we have created a angular app module and json list object that will display in your application.

I hope its help you to understand angular working functionality.You can download source code and see Demo from below link.