Angular Datatables with Child Rows Using Directive

In This article I will let you know how to show details information in child rows using angular directive and angular datatables.We have earlier post an article Angular Datatable Pagination, Sorting and Searching Using Ajax ,Some times we need to show details information of row and we are creating a new page to show a little detail information of parent row.

We can handle this problem using parent child row element in datatables.I am using angular datatables so i will create angular directive to show details information of clicked parent row.

We will will create basic custom directive and pass our detail information object to it.Angular directive is very awesome trick to add dynamic control or information on an element.

In this Post We have provided source code as well as demo to show angular datatables parent child relationship using angular directive.

There are following files and Library Used

  • jQuery and AngularJS Library : Base libabry to support other angular directive
  • Boostrap 3 : Used to create awesome HTML layout
  • angular datatable : Use to create datatable grid in angular app using angular directive,You can download from here.
  • directive.js : This file will contain angular directive javascript code.
  • _child.html : This file will contain html layout code and parse child object data.

You can also check other tutorial of angular,

Simple Example of Angular Datatables with Child rows

Step 1: First we will include all necessary AngularJs and library files.We will keep all below files in head section of index.html file.

Step 2: We will create angular app for this sample and define dependencies(app.js).

Step 3: We will create angular directive and define all necessary parameters with in directive.js.

Step 4: We will create angular directive html file and define all html element with in _child.html.

Angular Datatbles Directive Using AngularJS and Datatables


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