Angular Datatables with Child Rows Using Directive

in This article, I will let you know Angular Datatables with Child Rows Using Directive . We have earlier posted an article Angular Datatable Pagination, Sorting and Searching Using Ajax , Sometimes we need to show details information of row and we are creating a new page to show a little detail information of parent row.

We can handle this problem using parent-child row element in datatables. I am using angular datatables, So I will create an angular directive to show details information of clicked parent row.

We will create a basic custom directive and pass our detail information object to it. The angular directive is a very awesome trick to add dynamic control or information on an element.

In this Post, We have provided source code as well as the demo to show angular datatables parent-child relationship using angular directive.

There are following files and Library Used

  • jQuery and AngularJS Library : Base libabry to support other angular directive.
  • Boostrap 3 : Used to create awesome HTML layout.
  • angular datatable : Use to create datatable grid in angular app using angular directive,You can download from here.
  • directive.js : This file will contain angular directive javascript code.
  • _child.html : This file will contain html layout code and parse child object data.

You can also check other tutorials of angular,

Simple Example of Angular Datatables with Child rows

Step 1: We will include all necessary AngularJs and library files.We will keep all below files in head section of index.html file.

Step 2: We will create angular app for this sample and define dependencies(app.js).

Step 3: We will create angular directive and define all necessary parameters with in directive.js.

Step 4: We will create angular directive html file and define all html element with in _child.html.

Angular Datatbles Directive Using AngularJS and Datatables

Demo & Download Source Code

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