Angular Datatable Pagination, Sorting and Searching Using Ajax

Angular Datatable is a angular module for provides a datatable directive along with datatable options helpers.Angular Datatable module help to create beautiful grid listing in your angular application using angular directive.There are many angular directives and modules available for table grid but datatable is most popular table grid plugin.

Main benefit of Angular Data-table is open source and light weighted.You can use this plugin with other css framework like bootstrap and foundation. You can learn more from official website angular-datatables.

I got huge response from reader on previous datatable tutorial which was DataTables Example – Server-side Processing with PHP, Here I am let you know how to integrate datatable angular module with your application.

You can also check other tutorial of angular,

We are using below Files,The details are:

Index.html - This file will responsible to create html table,angular module and instance datatable using angular code.
Library files - I have used jquery,angular-datatable and bootstrap lib files.

Simple Example of Angular Datatable Module

Step 1: We will include jquery data-table and jquery library in (index.html).

Here i have included all necessary library files which are useful to integrate angular datatable with application.

Step 2: Create Angular app for listing in (index.html).

Here I have injected datatables module with in our angular app.

Step 3: Now created sample json data and injected datatable options into listing controller in (index.html).

These datatable parameters DTOptionsBuilder, DTColumnBuilder help to control datatable listing table,You can set number of column,map column to value,sort column and order of column etc.

Step 4: Configured datatable option and column order using below code in (index.html).

Step 5: Created HTML table and iterate records using foreach loop in (index.html).


We have learn about simple integration of angular datatable into angular application.We have converted HTML table into an wonderful grid using datatable directive without any any complex coding.

You can download source code and Demo from below link.

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