Magento- Create a Drop-Down list of Countries

Country list is very important in magento form, every custom module form normally need country dropdown list.In this article i will let you know how to get Countries list and display dropdown on front end and admin form. We first needed to access a collection of countries in Magento,there are some simple functions that we can use to access country names and codes in Magento.

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Simple Steps to Create Drop down list in Magento

Step 1: We will get an Array of Country Names/Codes in Magento.


The above code will print out an array containing every country code with country name stored in Magento.

Step 2: We pass above arrays to HTML control to display Drop Downs list:

How to create a Country Drop Down in the Frontend of Magento

We need to Add the following code to any template file in the frontend of Magento and you will get a drop down box using the country name as the label and the country code as the value.

How to create a Country Drop Down in the Magento Admin
When you are creating forms in the Magento Admin area, you can just create control on form.php.