How to upgrade Magento

Magento upgradion is very important process if you have running your store in magento.Why this need? Magento community updated his CMS time by time, so if you want to update your store with new magento functionality then you need this.

There are two methods to upgrade your magento application.You can upgrade magento by SVN or Magento connect Manager.

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Option 1: Upgrading Magento with a full package or via SVN

There are following steps for upgrading Magento with a full package or via SVN.,Steps for upgrading with the MagentoConnect Manager are below.

  • Backup your database : You can take back by three method
  • Method 1: By Magento website: Go to Admin-> System -> Tools -> Backups
    Method 2 : You can use PHPMyAdmin (but this may fail due to time-limits on php scripts)
    Method 3 : You can export in SSH by typing below command:

      mysqldump -u USER -p DBNAME > dump.sql

    Reimport using below command:

      mysql -u USER -p DBNAME < dump.sql
  • Backup all the code you modified yourself, and don’t forget to keep the original installation archive.
  • Take care of saving the media directory that contains all the uploaded product/category images.
  • Create a backup copy of app/etc/local.xml file.
  • Download a new installation archive or run SVN update if you checked it out from the Magento repository.
  • Extract and upload all the files it contains to your server.
  • Delete var/cache and var/session directories.
  • Point your browser to any Magento page.
  • Database upgrades should happen automatically.

Now You are done!

2 : Upgrading Magento using the Magento Connect Manager

  • Go to http:///downloader.
  • Log in using a user who has full permissions.
  • Make sure to select "Clear all sessions after successful install or upgrade".
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