Magento : Export the CSV file From Grid

Export the data from grid is very common functionality for any website. These functionality applied normally on report section of projects, here i am telling you how to export excel/CVS/XML file from magento admin grid. Magento provides getCsvFile() method to export data from grid.
We need to follow following steps to achieve our goal.

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Step 1: We will Export CSV/Excel/XML button on admin grid.

protected function _prepareColumns()  
        // add columns in the Grid  
        $this->addColumn('bar_code', array(  
              'header'    => Mage::helper('testmodule')->__(Name),  
              'align'     =>'right',  
              'width'     => '20px',  
              'index'     => 'bar_code',  
           $this->addExportType('*/*/exportCsv', Mage::helper('ticketpurchase')->__('CSV'));  
            $this->addExportType('*/*/exportXml', Mage::helper('ticketpurchase')->__('XML'));  
            $this->addExportType('*/*/exportExcel', Mage::helper('ticketpurchase')->__('EXCEL'));  
        return parent::_prepareColumns();  

Step 2: Now we will write logic in method to export file based on selected format.

    * @function         : exportCsvAction 
    * @created by       : parvez Alam 
    * @description      : Export data grid to CSV format 
    * @params           : null 
    * @returns          : array 
    public function exportCsvAction()  
        $fileName   = 'purchasedTicket.csv';  
        $content    = $this->getLayout()->createBlock('test_ticketpurchase_block_adminhtml_ticketpurchase_grid');  
        $this->_prepareDownloadResponse($fileName, $content->getCsvFile());  

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