Tree Menu : Simple HTML and jQuery

In this jQuery tutorial, I will describe how to create simple tree view menu using jquery, We will learn about to create simple jQuery treeview menu based on static values. We will use simple HTML and jquery to create tree structure and expand and collapse functionality. You can download source code as well from here.

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main motto of this jQuery tutorial is to create multilevel menu using bootstrap css and jquery, we haven’t use any back-end language or JavaScript tree library to create tree structure. We have used basic HTML and jquery syntax to create tree menu.

Simple Steps to Create jQuery Tree View Menu

Created index.html file that will contains all jQuery and css class.

Step 1: We will include jquery library and bootstrap in head section of index.html file.

Step 2: We will add below css class to design treeview menu structure in head section of index.html file.
[code type=css]

Step 3: Define html file and create treeview menu using html element in index.html file.

Step 4: Added jQuery code to expand and collapse tree menu in footer section of index.html file.

Demo and Download Code Of Simple jQuery Tree View