How to Fill Dropdown with Non Ajax


In This simple PHP tutorial, I will let you know how to fill dropdown with non ajax manner. Normally we are refreshing dropdown based on selected master dropdown value, i.e we are using country and states two dropdown and based on country selected we will fill state dropdown. There are two method one is – […]

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Simple Ajax Pagination with PHP


In previous tutorial we have learn Simple tutorial of pagination in php, here we will learn php pagination with days we are using ajax functionality for each request.We are using jQuery library for Ajax request and MySQL for database. We have following files: 1- db.php : This file contains db connection information. 2- pagination.php […]

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Datatable : Table plug-in for jQuery


jQuery DataTables is very popular grid plug-in for the HTML table. Datatables uses to convert HTML table into useful grid listing with advanced features. The Basic version of Data table has sorting searching and column level searching.There are many datatables supported plugins available which are use to create HTML Table into full functional data grid […]

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